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Birthday party, part 4

Ok ok, sorry it took forever for me to post. Just been having a very very busy life at the moment.
Man I hat this chapter, feels so forced. Hope you guys like it though. It'll get better and I'll make sure to add some jed and octy lovings.
But anyway here it is, enjoy and don't kill me >.<

Octavius groaned softly as he felt himself come to, his eyes slowly peeked open.
His head was throbbing and his side was killing him, after a few deep breaths he managed to pull himself up into a sitting position.
Where was Jedediah? Oh God where was his daughter?! Were they okay?
"Alexia!" He cried out as he stumbled out of bed, about to reach out for his clothes and armor he heard a commotion outside his bedroom door.
"Alex!" He heard Jed call out, the sound of someone running fading in the hallway past his door and then silence.
What was going on? Was his daughter hurt?
Managing to only slip on the rest of his tunic and sandals he left his room and went in search of his lover and daughter.

After asking a few of his men he learned that Jed and Alex had left towards the lobby. The guards failed to mention his daughters new change in looks.
The climb down the rope wasn't an easy one, thankfully finding Jed was.
His lover was leaning against the wall in the hallway, he looked very, very worried and out of breath.
"My love, what is going on?"
Jed jumped in surprise, his face turned into a smile but it never reached his eyes.
"Octy, yer awake? Man I was so worried 'bout ya.."
The two embrace and exchanged kisses, Jed buried his face into his lovers neck.
"Jed.. Where's Alexia?"
The younger man stiffened and slowly pulled away unable to meet his lovers eyes.
"S-she.. got away, I couldn't catch up with her.. Larry went after her but I think.. I think she went outside."
Jedediah looked like he was about to break down and cry, Octavius tried to remain optimistic even though he was terrified inside.
"I am sure Larry found her and she is inside safe and sound."
They ran over to the railings that overlook the lobby just in time to see Larry run outside, Jed reached out and grabbed Octy's hand tightly.
"She'll be ok partner, Larry w-"
Their eyes widened when they say the small glimpse of sunlight break through the trees and pour into the museum.
Inside, Jed was cursing to himself as he froze.
Inside, Octavius felt like a part of him died as he to froze.


When Larry lowered his hand, eyes finally adjusted to the blinding sun, he prepared to see the worst, prepared to the see the small pile of dust where Alexia was once standing.
But seeing a young woman, raven black hair that fell past her hip, eyes as blue as the sky, skin pale and fair covered in a beautiful white dress was something he did not expect to see.
Last time he did see Alexia was for her birthday, when she was only 7, covered in the blood of her father, that was two nights ago.
The last time he ever felt his breath taken away was when he first signed up for this job, but it wasn't that kind of breath taking mind you.

"Alexia? Wha.. Wha?"
The young women before him slowly looked down at her body in awe then turned to the sun.
She wasn't dust, she wasn't dust nor was she tiny.
"Larry, How did this? I mean, it's amazing!"
Quickly Alexia went from shock to being incredibly happy, hugging herself she grinned at the night guard.
She felt like dancing and jumping for joy, but when she noticed Larry stepped closer and tell her to come back inside she felt like running.
And running she did, very well.
She was like a blur of white to Larry and quickly he took off after her, both were dodging and weaving around people, running across the street Larry cursed loudly when cars started honking and people leaning out their windows to yell at her.
"Alexia! Please stop!"

Looking over her shoulder to see Larry still on her tail and closing in she frowned, she'd love to stop, the rough pavement and asphalt were killing her feet but she knew if she did he'd drag her back to the museum.
Then she made a big mistake, crossing into a four way street as the lights turned green all the cars moved forward, drivers unaware of the girl darting out in front of them.
Alexia held her arms out in front of her as if it could shield her body from the oncoming car heading towards her.
Heart in his throat Larry felt the rush of adrenaline fill his body as he ran to Alexia's side and pulled her out of the cars way and held her tightly to his body.
Gripping his jacket and panting heavily Alexia slowly peeked up at Larry.
"You saved me... Oh Larry thank the Gods, I'm s-so sorry"
She threw her arms around his neck sobbing loudly. "P-please don't take me back, I don't want to go back"
Glaring at the cars honking at them Larry quickly led her to the sidewalk and patted her back.
"Okay, okay. If you don't want to go back right now, I understand... Let's go to my place, get you some food and some decent clothes then lets see how we can figure out how this happened... Okay?"
A nod following a sniffle Alexia let Larry lead her back to his car.

It didn't take them long to get to Larry's apartment, Alexia was full of questions, to many that Larry couldn't pump out enough answers fast enough.
Opening his door she slowly walked in and looked everything over carefully.
For a moment Larry stood in the doorway watching her, feeling a sense of dejavu wash over him.
"Ok um.. You're probably hungry, right?"
Alexia nodded and plopped down on his couch and start playing the hem of her dress.
"Think you got something a little warmer I could wear?"
Larry found himself staring a little to long at her legs and quickly looked away and walked to his room to go find some clothes.
Alexia feeling quite confused got up and started wandering around the room, walking over to his bookshelf she started pulling out random books, glancing at what they were then putting them back.
Pa didn't get a chance to teach her to read much English, he was a little lazy on that part but Mom felt it was a high priority to learn and read Latin, that and fighting. If she ever got the chance she'd try to get Pa to teach her.
"Um, Alexia? Uh, here's some sweat pants that should fit and a shirt. It might be a little big.. Guess I'll have to take you shopping."
"Sweat pants?" She replied, looking confused and a little grossed out. "You've been sweating in them and you're asking me to wear them?"
Biting his lip to hold back his giggle he shook his head. "No, no, that's just what they're called. Don't worry, they're clean."
Taking his word for it she grabbed the clothes, then looked to him a little lost.
"Oh right.. Uh that room you can change in there."
He smiled nervously and moved out of her way, once she was in his room and the door closed he let out a deep breath and headed to the kitchen to make her some food.

This is Jed's and Octavius' daughter Larry, no reason to be acting like a school boy or something with her.. How in the world did she become so grown up and how did she become human?
Maybe she was part human, she could live with or without the tablet.. He really needed to talk to Ahk, but that was hours and hours from now.
Larry was so engrossed in cooking up some food and talking to himself that he didn't hear music coming from the TV in the front room.
"What the..." Leaving the kitchen he saw Alexia standing in front of the TV watching MTV, which happened to be playing music videos, said music videos were playing a video by Nikka Costa, like a feather.
Alexia was so amazed and into the video, she was watching the singer closely and soon started dancing.
Larry felt his face go red, quickly he turned and went back into the kitchen.
"I have no idea what I'm going to do..."

By the end of the video Alexia was giggling and decided to look for Larry.
Following the delicious smell of bacon and eggs Alex sat down at the table and watched Larry.
"What are you doing Larry?"
"Oh hey, um just making you some breakfast. I'm sure your pretty hungry?"
Nodding she gave him a big smile when he put a full plate of food in front of her.
"So.." He began, unsure what to ask or tell her about the whole 'change' thing. "I think I have an idea of what's going on.. I think maybe you being partially human, thanks to your parents being human for a day... Don't really wanna talk about that... Uh, I think maybe that is something that kept you from turning to dust."
Mouth full of eggs she could only nod.
"Any idea why you're.. you know all.. uh grown up?"
Nodding once more she swallowed and sighed looking quite unhappy at the moment.
"That would be my Pa's fault... Said he did something with the tablet.. Or... I don't know really"
Larry finally began to understand why she was running from Jed in the first place, heck he'd be confused and pissed if he went front being a kid to an adult in one night.
"Listen Alexia-"
Alex" She interrupted. "You can call me Alex you know."
"Um Alex.. Listen you do know that we'll have to go back tonight and talk to Ahk and see what's going on. Make sure you're okay, I mean we don't know how long this'll last."

With a defeated sigh Alexia had finished her food and looked up at Larry.
"I.. I guess you're right. Think we can go do this whole getting me some clothes thingy before I have to go back?"
Patting her shoulder he gave her a reassuring smile. "Yup, let's go get you some new clothes that fit."

Larry was very thankful she was new to the whole shopping thing and went along with him peacefully, at least she wasn't asking for this a that. Just a few things, pair of jeans, couple of nice looking tank top.
Although he did have a very embarrassing moment when she asked Larry what the bras were for, course she didn't know about bras, Larry had to get one of the lady's working into the store to size and pick out that stuff for her.

Several hours later the two made it back to Larry's place, Alexia was so exhausted she passed out on the couch. After setting her clothes to the side Larry, being the gentleman he is, well he tried to pick her up but whenever he tried she would grumble and smack his hands away. He couldn't blame her though, it was a comfy couch, going into his room he brought out a blanket and covered her up before heading to his room and getting into his bed.
He really needed the extra sleep if he was going to deal with her parents later on.

Larry woke up half an hour before his alarm went off, which gave him a good hour to get ready to head to the museum.
Rolling over he noticed a few things were different. One, there was a thunderstorm going on, which explained why he woke up so early. Second, he wasn't alone, cracking open one eye all he could see was black and he could smell green apples, kind of reminded him of the shampoo he gave Octavius to use for Alexia... Wait Alexia?
Both eyes wide open he glanced down and there she was sound asleep and curled up to one of his pillows, he felt his face go red from embarrassment, thank God her parents weren't here right now, Jed would be jumping to conclusions and giving him an earful.
Feeling extremely confused he slowly sat up and reached out to shake her shoulder gently.
"Uh.. Um Alex, why are you in my bed?"
With a quiet protest she turned over, still clinging to his pillow and frowned.
"That sound... So loud and bright.. I got scared. I'm sorry Larry"
"You mean the thunderstorm? No it's ok, you uh, don't experience this kinda stuff all the time."
She nodded closing her eyes and flinching as the storm continued loudly.
"Well I guess you can sleep here a little longer, I'm gonna heat up some dinner, I'll wake you up when it's ready then we'll head to the Museum."
He got no reply 'cept the soft snoring, heading to the kitchen he sat down and groaned loudly.
Stop it Larry, he told himself, don't even think about her in any way like that. That's Jed and Octavius' girl, just hurry up with the food and get her back to the museum and see if Ahk can fix everything.

Alexia woke a second time by Larry shaking her shoulder.
"Hey come on, gotta get dressed and eat, my Boss just called and wants me to come to the Museum early."
She nodded taking the clothes from his arms and waited till he left the room.
Dressing in the dark jean and black tank top he bought her she headed to the kitchen to get dinner.
"So why did your boss want you to come in early?"
"Uh, seems like it has something to do with your dad, my fault really, I left him by the lobby when I went after you so Mc Phee probably found him."
Alex felt fear grip her. "He didn't get hurt or anything did her?"
"No no, he's fine, just want's me to come in so he can.. Just tell me off or something. It'll be ok."
They finished eating and started to head out when Larry remember the storm and looked at Alexia's clothes. Tank top, right. Removing his jacket he placed in on her shoulders and smiled.
"Don't want you to get wet and sick do we?"

"Mister Daley!" Called out Mc Phee when Larry and Alex walked into the museum, he approached and seemed to be holding something in his hand.
"Why do you do this me? Do you think it's cute messing with the miniatures? Putting them in perverted positions for me to find?"
Larry groaned weakly and looked at Alex who couldn't help but giggle.
"No sir, I don't mean to be cute, I.. it won't happen again"
Mc Phee opened his mouth to make a comment but instead opened his hands showing Jed and Octavius holding hands. Alex let out a soft gasp and quickly snatched them from his hands and held them close.
"Hey who are you? Give them back!"
Alex moved to hide behind Larry while his boss glared at them.
"Sorry sir, she really like the miniatures, I'll uh have her put them back for me"
"Who is she anywho?"
Larry answered with the first words that seem to come to mind and quickly regretted it.
"My girlfriend"
Both Mc Phee and Alex looked at Larry with a shocked look, she quickly hid it and merely smiled to his boss.
"Really now? Seemed to have moved on quickly, mister moving on and having perverted obsessions with male miniatures.. Museum closes soon, she leaves, got it?"
Larry, who's face was beet red nodded and watched his boss hurry off mumbling out loud.

"Girlfriend? Best you could think of?"
Alexia gave Larry a giggle, which only made him turn more red before walking off to the Diorama room, Larry covered his face with his hands as he took off in a different direction.

(In case you guys didn't know by now, I'll be having Alexia paired with Larry but only in the fic, does not affect the Rp universe :)

Birthday party, part 3

Woot so excited I finally got this all written.
Can't wait to start working on the next chapter. You guys are going to love it.
But don't kill me for the cliffhanger >.<
So enjoy!!

Jedediah felt himself coming to slowly, his head was throbbing and it showed no signs of stopping.
First few things he thought were, where am I? Where's Octavius? Where's Alexia?
Quickly he sat up yelling his lover and daughters name, where there was no answer he quickly jumped out of bed ignoring his body's aching protests. He knew he was in one of Octavius rooms, looked more like Alexia's room though, he figured and hoped his lover was in the next room.
He left the room in a hurry, forgetting his shirt, shoes and hat, he didn't even bother to knock on the door as he entered.

He heard small sniffling and noticed Alexia sitting by Octavius' side and holding his hand, his lover was unconscious, he noticed his right arm was covered in a cast and his torso, which was shirtless, was covered in bandages, his forehead was wrapped as well in bandages, he could see some red soaking through.
A quick look over told him his daughter was alright but as for Octavius.. He wasn't sure if he was just sleeping it off or if it was worse.
He slowly approached the bed and gently rested his hand on Alexia's shoulder, his daughter looked over her shoulder, her face red from crying, her eyes set in a glare.
He knew her well enough and she knew him well enough that no words needed to be exchanged, he knew exactly what that glare she wore meant.
She was angry at him for the accident and she had every right to be mad, he should have been watching where he was going. And if she figured out why he was so deep in his own thoughts, going over his talk with Akmenrah, she'd be down right pissed at that.
He moved to the other side of the bed and sat down holding his lovers hand, the more he sat there staring at Octavius the more guilt he started to feel.
After awhile he couldn't take it no more, trying his best to keep his voice from cracking he looked to Alexia.
"Alex darlin' go eat an' get some rest."
She was about to protest when Jed cut her off.
"Don't argue with me or give me any of yer drama, j-just get out!" He winced to himself when he heard his voice crack.
Alexia understood deep down her fathers wishes, as mad as she was, she still loved and respected her Pa. She leaned over kissing Octavius' cheek and quickly left the room.
As the door clicked shut Jed could no longer hold back his tears as he buried his face against his lovers neck.

Alexia walked in a circle outside, slowly munching on some fruit, she looked up when she noticed Larry walking over.
"Hey Alexia, how you feeling?"
She shrugged looking uninterested at the apple in her hand.
"Just sore, few bruises from when Father pushed me out of the way... He's still asleep.. Hasn't woken up yet."
"He'll be ok Alexia.. He's been through a lot and he's always pulled through.. You take care ok, let me know if anything changes."
Alexia nodded and watched the night guard take off, she looked up and noticed the sun was about to rise and decided to head off to bed.
On the way to her room she quietly opened her fathers room and peeked in, Jed was sound asleep, snoring loudly and curled against Octavius. She sighed softly, closing the door and went off to her room.
Maybe, just maybe her father would be awake in the morning.

The sun had already gone down many, many hours ago and Jed was finally waking up, Octavius was still asleep, Jed almost wish he could just sleep everything away and wake when his lover did, but he couldn't do that to Alex... Speaking of Alex, where was she..
Getting out of bed Jed left the room and headed down to hallway towards Alex's room, as he walked down the hall the silence was broken when he heard his daughter scream loudly.
"Alex?!" Jed called out taking off full speed, he slammed her door open and did a double take when he saw his baby girl.. Well she actually didn't look much like his baby girl at all, in her place was a much older version, if he'd have to guess right there he'd say she was in her twenties.
"Pa.. What's happening to me?" Jed winced and looked down, ohh man, looks like the cat needed to come out of the bag.
"That tablet really hates me... Hey darlin'... Guess there's somethin' I should be tellin' yah..."
Alexia gave her Father a confused look before getting up and quickly dressing in white gown and wraps, she stomped over to Jed, hands on her hips as she glared.
"Ok pa.. Explain why I missed my childhood and I'm now an adult."

Jed sat Alexia down and explained to her his visit to Akmenrah and his request for the tablet. Alexia looked shock, having learned she was human yet not human and the fact her Pa meddled with her life.
"I can't believe you... I can't believe you'd go behind my back, behind Father's back and playing around with the threads of my life... Is it your job to ruin my life and the life of everyone around you?"
Jed looked down feeling the guilt flare back to life, his heartbreaking more and more as Alex stood up yelling at him.
"Alex.. Darlin' listen, please?"
"No Dad..."
Alexia quickly took off, down the hall and out of the building heading toward the Diorama's edge. Jed was not far behind, panting heavily as he tried to keep up with his Daughter.
He frowned when he noticed she was running towards the lobby, what was going on in that crazy head of hers.
"How in tarnation did she learn ta run so fast? Oh Gigantor! Hey over here!"
Jedediah cried out trying to catch the night guards attention, thankfully Larry heard him and walked over.
"Hey Jed, what's up? How is everything?"
"Not good Gigantor, Alex is pretty upset with me, she took off towards the lobby, I ain't fast enough to catch her.."
Larry already knew where this was going and smiled.
"Don't worry Jed, wait here and I'll go get her."
"Thanks partner, appreciate it.. Gotta catch my breath."

Larry entered the lobby and looked around, hoping to spot Alexia, he noticed something white move around near the revolving doors and disappear, Larry frowned and quickly ran over to the doors looking through the windows, he spotted Alexia already making it to the stairs outside and climbing down.
"Oh shit!"
Glimpses of sunlight started to barely peek through the trees, Larry quickly pushed the doors and ran out calling Alexia's name.
"Leave me alone Larry, I'm tired of this place, I'm tired of my life not being in my control"
"Alexia.. The sun!"
Whipping her head around, she stared wide eyed at the blinding light, was it that late already?
A small whimper left her throat and all she could think about was her Pa, whom she had basically told she hated, oh how she wished she could take it back.


OMG writing is so hard, I feel so bad for not having posted anything in some time, it feels a little rushed and forced but I managed to wrap this one up. I feel pretty goo though, now that I did finish it :)
So please enjoy

Chapter 1 greenmunkii87.livejournal.com/2605.html
Chapter 2 greenmunkii87.livejournal.com/2972.html
Chapter 3 greenmunkii87.livejournal.com/3128.html
Chapter 4 greenmunkii87.livejournal.com/3784.html

Warm lips attached themselves to his neck, switching between biting and sucking, rough hands never resting as they moved down his chest, around his back, roughly grabbing his ass.
Octavius groaned weakly, his body feeling useless against the roaming hands and then it stopped. Opening his eyes he saw the hands retreating, the lips were gone as well as the warmth they brought.
He struggled to reach out for the other body, his mouth opened but no words could escape, he felt himself fall backwards into the darkness,
All he could see were the ocean blue eyes staring down at him as blinding pain swallowed him along with the darkness.

Octavius let out a loud gasp as his eyes flew open, his arms, now able to move, jerk outward reaching for the warmth that wasn’t there. He was shocked when a hand reach out and grab his, causing him to look to his side and sigh softly at the sight of the sleepy cowboy.

“Mornin’ partner” Said Jed as he stood up from his seat and hesitantly dropped the Romans hand. “H-how ya feelin? ”
Octavius was silent for a moment, he meant to answer but he couldn't help but cheer inside to himself, thankful that the younger man was here by his side, he then began to blush when he started to remember most of his dream.
Did he really feel that way about Jedediah?
Thinking even more on that note he started to realize that over the last couple years he had begun to feel closer and closer to Jedediah, each night he yearned to spend the moonlight hours with him, nothing would sooth or excite him more than hearing Jed’s voice.

Jedediah frowned when Octavius didn’t answer him, he furrowed his brows in worry and started to panic.
Was the Roman angry at him for what had happened?
He felt the immense pressure of guilt and sorrow in his chest slowly crawl up his throat, making his lower lip quivered ever so slightly and eyes water.
He was losing it and he knew it, the thought that he would lose the man he had grown so attached to was devastating, the thought of him dying and being there no more hurt, the thought of them losing their relationship, be it close friends or maybe something greater, hurt even more.
And then the dams broke and Jed couldn’t hold back the chocking sob as he threw himself against Octavius’ chest pressing his face into his neck.
"C-come on, please say somethin' I'm sorry, I really am.. I-I didn't know they were loaded, I thought they were empty. I..."

Octavius was jerked from his thoughts at the choking sounds that left Jed’s mouth, and was even more shocked when the cowboy threw himself against him.
“Jedediah?! What has gotten into you?” Asked the general as he wrapped his arms around Jed.
“I didn’t mean for it t-ta happen. An' I-I know *hiccup* yer gonna think bad 'bout me fer sayin’ this, think I'm some kinda weirdo.. B-but…”
"Calm yourself Jedediah... It wasn't your fault, I know you would never intend on actually shooting me, even though you've threatened me with them on quite a daily basis, I know you'd never actually go through with it.."
Octavius held onto Jed tightly, waiting for the younger man to relax and get a hold of himself, he didn't have to wait long as he watched Jed slowly push himself up, his body hovering over his own.
"Please my friend, I am alright, now what is wrong?"
Chewing on his lower lip Jed slowly lowered himself back down, foreheads pressing together, Octavius felt his face flush and breath quicken.
Was he going to....
"I almost lost ya Octy.. It was that worst feelin' ever.. I thought I'd lose my chance of. of telling ya how I-I felt 'bout ya.. I.. I think I love ya"
The older man was worried for awhile, thinking Jed had something unpleasant to tell him, but hearing this made his heart soar and he couldn't help himself but grab Jedediah's face and pressing their lips firmly together.
Jed was caught by surprise but recovered quickly and ran his fingers through Octavius' hair, gripping the short locks lightly causing the man below him to moan softly, which only spurred Jed even more.
Careful to avoid his, new, lovers wounds, Jed straddled the Romans hips and started grinding into him lightly.
"J-Jedediah, please, more!"
Jed groaned softly and placed wet kissing along his now-lover's neck. "I want ta Octy, but I don't wanna hurt ya... Think it'd be best if we wait fer them stitches to do their stuff."
The General nodded and wraps his arms around Jed hugging him close, pressing his face into the cowboys neck and inhaling his scent.
Moving over so he was laying on the side of the bed, Jed pulled Octavius to his chest, fingers brushing through his hair, he watched Octavius yawn and slowly close his eyes.
"So.. Do ya forgive me Octy?"
"Of course my Liege" Replied a sleepy mumble.
"I promise it won't ever happen again.. I'll never ever hurt ya"
Octavius rolled his eyes. "Accident's happen you know... But if I can think of a way you could make up for any future accidents." He looked up at Jed's face with a sly grin.
"Yah? How so.. Ohh" Jed caught the look on his lovers face and felt his cheeks grow warmer.
Octavius chuckled and buried his face back into Jed's chest and felt himself slowly go back to the darkness. This time, he knew, there'd be no pain or dreams of being alone.
Only Jedediah...

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Kiss me! Kiss me!

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Birthday party, part 2

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greenmunkii87.livejournal.com/14048.html - Birthday party - part 1

Ok I'm so sorry I haven't posted in some time. Been so busy.
Though who are new to this series please go and read the first chapter *points to the top*
Sorry also that this chapter is so short, but I had to end it there, don't kill me!!!!
*runs and hides*

"So you are concerned for your daughters unusual growth rate?"
"Uh.. Yeah what you said. Jus' worried 'bout her life flashin' before my eyes and I jus'.. Don't wanna lose her so soon, ya know?"
The young Pharaoh nodded "I understand how you feel, I've noticed myself how fast she has been growing, must be because of her being conceived when you two were, you know, alive... With her being human and unlike us, I mean we were made in the image of the people who were alive in the past, but Alexia.. Is a whole different story."
Jedediah nodded looking slightly confused, Akmenrah was about to rant on more but didn't want to worry Jed about his daughters life and well being.
"But of course I'll be glad to help you.. Um just what exactly do you want me to do?"
"Uh well.. Could you uh get the tablet to slow down her age or something like that? I mean I jus' wanna spend more time with her... When's she's older, if she want's to grow old then she could always ask ya right?"
Akmenrah nodded then walked over to the tablet speaking in his native tongue, he turned to the small cowboy and smiled.
"All you can do now is wait to see if it worked or not... Speaking of which isn't your daughters birthday.. um party starting soon?"
Jed cursed loudly, thanked the Pharaoh and hopped back into the rc car.

Octavius walked with Alexia, who was fidgeting nervously and messing with the blindfold covering her eyes, heading towards the lobby.
"I can't wait Father! Can I have a hint? What did you guys do?"
"No, it must be a surprise. Don't worry, we'll be there soon, course it'd be much faster if Jedediah didn't run off with the car.."
Just then the small rc car came speeding down the hallway towards them, Octavius turned around smiling when he saw the car quickly heading their way but frowned when he noticed the car did not show any signs of slowing or stopping.

Jedediah who was lost in his thoughts and worries didn't see his family standing in the hallway, it wasn't until he heard Octavius scream his name did he see them and try to swerve.
He heard the car hit something solid and immediately felt his stomach drop.
"Shit!" Screamed Jed as he struggled to get the car under control as it smashed into the wall.

Larry had finished getting everyone together, gotten all the decorations done now all they needed was the birthday girl and her parents.
"Uncle Larry! Uncle Larry!" Cried a small voice.
The night guard looked around for the small voice he knew was Alexia's. He finally spotted her trying to climb up the desk to get his attention.
"Alexia? What are you doing here, you're not supposed to be here just yet, you're... W-what's wrong?"
Alexias face was covered in tears as she reached for Larry, carefully he picked her up, once she was closer he noticed the blood on her hands and dress.
"Y-your bleeding?! What happened? Are you ok?"
She nodded before slowly pointing to the hallway she had come from.
"Mama.. Papa.."
Larry didn't need to hear or be told anything else, he yelled out Ak and Teddys name and took off towards the hallway.

I've been busy sewing :)

Heres some pics of my clothes that I've been patching up and making better for winter :)

Here's my jacket I made three years ago. This thing does a great job in winter.
I added a sweater like zip up hoodie, the zipper is broken though, and sewed it up with my army jacket.
It's got hidden pockets in the back, can only get to them when I take it off though. Pockets in the arms that I added.
And soon I'll add a special pocket for my phone and I'll put in earphone with the wires going through the jacket.

Heres the front of my pants/shorts. I'm gonna make detachable pant legs soon, maybe.
The black attachment is a belt with pockets, even has a secret pocket, still has a ton of work, needs buttons to be attached and some pockets need to be added to the right side.

Theres the back view. Added a pocket flap. Also keeps the but protected whenever you sit on railroads or uncomfy ground, keeps the butt from getting holes as well

Love how I have giant pockets on the end of my shorts, soo comfy, can't wait till it's all finished.
Now I just need to work on my shirt


To Bexa with angst part 2!

Alright sorry I took so long with this one.
I'm surprised I finally managed to get it done, woot.
I hope you guys enjoy the last chapter! I'm so nervous about this one.
There might be some typos and what not lol, but either way enjoy!

The next day when the sun had finally set Jedediah slowly emerged from his tent and looked around confused. 'I think I drank to much last night.. What the hell happened?'
He walked over to check on Octavius and saw a group of his own men standing around the General, he  frowned when he came closer seeing pooled below Octavius.
"Hey what in tar nation do ya guys think yer doing? Leave him alone!"
The group of men backed away and shook they're head, one spoke up.
"We weren't doin' nothin boss, we's just checkin' yer handy work."
Jed walked around and stood in front of the General and look to the man who spoke up in shock, brief flashes of last nigh slowly breaking through the fog.
"I-I couldn't have done this, I was drinkin' in my tent, I woke up in my tent.. I.."
"We saw ya, drunk as a fiddler's clerk, sitting right here" He pointed to the floor by the stocks. "Yelling at the General"
Jed felt his stomach turn horribly as though he was about to upchuck anytime soon, he waved his men away, who without question quickly went about their own business.
Sinking to the floor Jed looked up at the unconscious Octavius, what he did to the other man was dishonorable, beating a man when he's locked down wasn't a fair fight at all, sure he was upset that the General had snuck into his tent, he might have exaggerated a little when he thought he was trying to kill him, but now that he stopped and thought about it that just didn't seem like something the proud Roman would do.
He stared up at the bruised and bloodied face, even still the man looked handsome... Wait handsome? Jedediah never thought any man was handsome, maybe it was because of how exotic the Roman was to him, coming from a different century, his accent, they way he held himself, his thoughts and ways of life.
Shaking his head the younger man sighed, gosh darn it, he wasn't supposed to be feeling this way towards his rival, he felt torn inside, that kinda thinking wasn't allowed.

A weak groan caught his attention, Octavius slowly stirred, a small whimper of pain escaping his lips as he tried to stretch his body.
Scared chocolate eyes were then staring into worried blue ones.
"Octavius.. Wha-" Started Jedediah but Octavius started to panic and struggle against the stocks, quickly Jed reached over and unlocked him.
The General suddenly pulled away and collapsed to the ground, his body sore and unwilling to move, Jed was instantly by his side.
"H-hey it's ok, I ain't gonna hurt ya.. Can ya tell me what happened last night?"
"You, you're what happened!" Yelled Octavius, his voice cracked and hoarse as he pointed an accusing finger "You a-and that damned drink of yours! G-get away from me!"
The cowboys stomach turned violently as he watched Octavius stare at him with horror in his eyes, the beaten man struggling to drag himself away but soon fell again to the floor, Jed tried to reach out and help him but Octavius panicked even more.
"Don't touch me, please Gods not again, please don't touch me!"
Lowering his hand and licking his dried lips, Jed dropped his voice to a hushed tone, he had a feeling something more that a beating happened.
"Octavius.. What did I do?"
Octavius' back arched and drop with each breath, slowly he was able to find his breath and stared down Jedediah.
"Y-you.. you forced.." Biting his lip the Roman struggled to keep the tears at bay "You forced yourself... u-upon me"
Both men were silent as Jed let the words slowly sink in, he closed his eyes as more of last night memories came back.
He remembered forcing himself into Octavius mouth, watching as he struggled to breath, the blood flowing from his broken nose, watching as the life slowly began to leave his body that ached for air, smacking his face till he came back around.
"Oh God Octavius.. I-I didn't know.. I mean I don't remember.. I was.."
He knew being drunk was no good excuse for what he did, he felt sicker than ever, how could he have done such a horrible thing. God he was so pissed with himself, he deserved to go stand outside and wait for the sun.

Octavius watched the Cowboy silently, he felt himself start to panic when anger crossed his face, thinking not that the Cowboy would be angry with himself, breathing became increasingly harder, his vision was swimming, his body started to shake.
Jedediah snapped out of his thoughts when he saw the General start to shake and his eyes roll back.
Jed reached out and took the General into his arms, trying to calm the panicked man.
"S-somebody help!" He cried out, wasn't long till a few men joined his side and helped him pick up the jerking body.
"Look's like he's havin' a panic attack Jed" One said and another spoke up. "We need to get him somewhere safe, get him cleaned up."
Jed nodded and helped the guys lays down the now unconscious Octavius and watched as one brought a bowl of hot water and some cloths, Jed reached out and took the items.
"I'll clean him up..  This is all my fault.. I need ya to go get a doctor and you go let the Romans know he's over here, case they wanna come grab him.."
His men nodded and ran off, he turned to Octavius and gently removed his armor, he started with washing his face of the blood, he went over to his own clothes and pulled out a pair of pants, they didn't quite fit him but it'd be good enough for Octavius.
Careful not to look he pulled the pants over Octavius hips and removed his tunic.
We he saw the rest of his body he couldn't take it anymore, the Generals torso was covered black and  blue, he bolted out of the tent and started throwing up.
He felt a hand on his back and looked up seeing the doctor.
"I'll take over Jedediah..."
"Thanks" Jed winced at how cracked his voice sounded.
After some time several Roman guards approached and entered the tent, none bothering to look at the Cowboy. They re-emerged with the General, who was slowly waking up and leaning on a one of his guards, one carried his clothes and armor.
Jed was about to stand up and ask the guards if Octavius was ok when one of them shoved him back to the ground and glared.
He stayed down and watched them leave until they were out of sight.
"I gotta fix this.."

Several days passed by and not one minute was Jedediah not thinking of Octavius, he knew what he had planned wouldn't make up for what he did, he'd spend the rest of his life making up for what he did.
He fought with himself about what he was feeling and knew he couldn't fight it no more.
He wanted that poetic speaking skirt wearer in his life, whether it was through daily wars or him maybe someday becoming his lover, he didn't care, he needed him.
He sat on the ledge of his Diorama waiting for any sign of the General, not long ago he sent one of his men to go and tell Octavius that he had a peace offering to give, after that he told all his men to go take a walk, which they all agreed, none of them wanted to see what Jed had planned.

Soon Octavius appeared followed by two guards which he had stand back as he stood in front of Jed, his face hard and cold, but Jed could see the hurt and pain in his eyes.
"One of your men said you had a peace offering. Let's see it and see if it's worthy of an offering."
The younger man could hear the hate and hurt laced in the words and slowly stood up.
"Ya sure.. Listen Octy-"
"It's Octavius" Corrected the General
"Octavius" Repeated Jed "I.. I just wanna say how sorry I am.."
"I came here to see your peace offering not to listen to your lies"
Octavius turned to walk away but Jed reached out and grabbed his wrist spinning him round to face him.
Octavius face cracked and panic started to seep through, Jed instantly let go and raised his hands in defeat when the guards drew there swords.
"P-please, I got an offering, just hear me out.."
Octavius swallowed nervously before nodding warily.
"I've been thinking.. a lot, mostly about ya.. I tried tellin' myself it's wrong, I mean guys don't think like that here, it's not right.. But I can't stop it, it's tearin' me apart knowin' that I hurt ya and how I feel for ya.."
The older man listened in confusion as Jed started rambling, Jed went quiet and licked his lips, he turned and ran over to a wagon full of brown bottles.
Octavius watched curiously and stepped closer but covered his mouth when the smell of moonshine hit him.
"Jedediah.. if this is some joke.. How dare you offer this filthy and foul drink as an offering!"
"No it's not an offering.. Well sorta.. Just.. Let me show ya"
Jed started removing wooden blocks set in front of the wheels all the while talking out loud.
"I'm givin it up, no more drinkin, I'm probably gonna get the shit beat outta me when the boys get back, they love this stuff, but I ain't gonna have this stuff around no more...
It ain't no excuse for what I did.. But I.. "
Jed went silent as his face turned red. Octavius watched in shock as Jedediah started pushing the wagon towards the ledge of the Diorama, he knew how much the Cowboy's loved their drink, he knew how much Jedediah loved his drink.
They both watched the wagon fall over the edge, never once did Jed frown or flinch at the sound of crashing bottles and wood, he kept his eyes on the Generals face.
"Why?" Was all the General could ask as Jed sunk to his knees.
"Yer more important ta me than drinking and I wanna spend the rest of my nights making it all up to ya. What I did was horrible, I should be hung for what I did.. I.. I don't know what it is I feel for ya, not sure if it's l-love.. But I feel somethin' for ya... Please forgive me?"

Octavius felt his heart swell from his actions and words, he knew Jed was baring himself to him.
He reached down and grabbed Jedediah arm and pulled him up.
"The rest of your nights?" Jed nodded "Forever.."
Octavius smiled slowly at first, soon Jed was smiling as he leaned closer letting his lips barely brush the older mans lips, quickly he pulled back.
"I-I'm sorry, I didn't.. I just-" Octavius silenced him by putting a finger to his lips.
"It's ok.. I accept your apology.. I may not forgive you today or the next day.. One day maybe.."
"I'll do what I can to earn it.."
Octavius nodded and turned to head back to his Diorama before stopped and glancing back to the Cowboy.
"I shall see you tomorrow night then.. I get to drive.."
"Sure thing partner.." Jed felt relief flow through his body as he watch Octavius disappear, he heard loud footstep and saw Larry approaching.
The night guard sighed at the mess on the floor and glared at Jedediah.
"I hope you don't think I'm cleaning up whatever that is"
The cowboy paled and looked over the ledge at the mess, he was definitely going to have his hands full for quite some time

Tenacious D!!!

Oh yeah Jack Black is an awesome singer. I don't think his music ever bores me!
And its so awesome every time he draws his eyebrows he looks like the devil! Muwahahaha

I need to download the soundtrack right now hehehe

To Bexa with angst

As a warning if rape bugs you don't read.
If you don't mind then enjoy.

The chapter I feel is rough, but it was hard for me to write, since I've never done something like this.
So enjoy :)

Stuck in the wooden stocks was something Octavius did not see happening when Jed found him waiting in his tent, Jed quickly came out swinging with guns drawn, Octavius woke up with his head throbbing and the right side of his face felt warm and wet
He had been waiting in the tent to speak to the younger man in hopes they could finally have peace, that and he hoped maybe he would be able to gather the courage to tell the cowboy of his growing feelings for him, maybe was the key word, he was sure Jedediah frowned upon the love between two men.

Jedediah had the idea that Octavius was trying to kill him or something along those lines, the cowboy was so riled up he started spewing phrases that made no sense to the General.

Jedediah stood next to the trapped General downing a bottle of his moonshine. The other cowboys in town had left to go explore the rest of the museum, since Larry had forgotten to close their Diorama case.
Wasn't long till the young was slurring words to the General.
"Can't believe ya'd try n' sneak up n' me like that.."
"Jedediah, I demand you let me go at once, I had no such intent on killing you.. I-I wanted to talk"
Octavius could not see but he could hear the Cowboy stumble around behind him.
"I seriously doubt that.. Ya know.. I think I should maybe have som' fun with ya'.."
With a druken grin Jed came up from behind the General and ran a calloused hand up the back his bare thigh. The trapped man jerked away from Jed's wandering hands, sure he felt himself drawn to the cowboy, maybe was even slowly beginning to love this man but he didn't want it to be this way, not with the younger man out of his mind drunk or himself being stuck in this wooden contraptions.
"Jedediah, stop it! You are drunk, now please relea- Ahh!"
Octavius cried out in pain when Jed's fist landed against his right rib, he felt tears come to eyes when he heard the younger man chuckle softly.
"P-please Jeded-Ahhh!"
Another fist to the rib and Octavius felt his knees give out from under him, he jerked against the wooden contraption trying to free himself, the only result were raw wrists. Tears now flowed freely down the older mans cheeks, he looked up when Jed stood in front of him.
"Ya' know Octy.. Ya' always talk t' much.."
Jedediah slowly reached down unzipping his pants and smirked at Octavius as he pulled himself out. He nudged his cock against tightly closed lips and growled when the entrance he wanted wasn't granted.
"Know what's good for ya, you'd open up"
Looking up with pleading eyes Octavius kept his lips shut, this didn't make the very, very drunk cowboy happy at all. Another fist, this time hitting the Generals forehead, where he had smacked him with his gun,  making him cry out. Jed quickly thrust himself into the open mouth, he let out a soft groan then jerked back in pain when Octavius bit down not so gently.
"God dammit!"
The cowboy snarled and struck the man twice more, once in the eye the second one breaking his nose, Octavius was sobbing now as the blood pour from his nose and over his lips.
"Do that 'gain n' you'll regret it, y'got it?"
Octavius thought about pleading to the younger man but knew he'd only hit him again, he could tell Jed was lost in his drink, his eyes were unfocused, his body continuously swayed, he was pretty sure Jed had no clue what he was doing so he nodded his head and grimaced when Jed forced himself back into his mouth causing him to choke.
Jed was grunting softly as he continued to pound away unaware that the beaten man was beginning to struggle for his breath.

Octavius felt as though his lungs were on fire, he couldn't inhale through his mouth because of Jed nor could he through his nose seeing as it was still bleeding horribly, still he tried breathing in through his nose and started to choke on the blood making his throat tighten and causing Jed to moan loudly.
His body started to feel heavy and weak, his vision darkened and he felt his eyes close, a harsh smack to the face brought him back to the world, he felt Jed pull out and took in a deep breath.
"Almost lost ya' there.. Can't let that happen, fun jus' started"
Octavius felt his stomach turn and whimpered softly while he shook his head, Jed merely grinned and stepped around the General, he wasted no time in lifting up the tunic and positioned himself, Octavius felt panic build up in his chest and couldn't help but try and move away.
"Gods please Jedediah! D-don't do this, please!"
"What'd I tell ya?!"
Jed snarled and let loose on the poor man until Octavius was wheezing in pain, his knees giving out.
Jed caught his hips and hoisted him up, without warning he forced his cock inside and started pounding away ignoring the pained cries.
It didn't last long, which Octavius thanked the Gods for and soon Jed was moaning loudly as he came, his body slumping against Octavius nearly crushing him into the stocks.
The younger man was silent as he pulled away, zipping himself up and stumbling off to his tent.
Octavius looked down watching the blood slowly run down his leg, he bit his lip trying to hold back his tears, he tried even harder when the rest of the cowboys came back and made no attempt to free him.
Thankfully the darkness returned taking Octavius with it.

Classic Coogan weekend

Not sure what Coogan's run is but I'm gonna find out!